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Stress Management

Stress is a leading factor in illness and undermining personal and organizational productivity. The relentless requirement for employees to work at optimum performance takes its toll in job satisfaction, employee turnover, reduced efficiency, illness and even death. Absenteeism, illness, alcoholism, poor decision-making, indifference, lack of motivation and creativity are all by-products of an over stressed workplace.

Organizations that want to get serious about negative stress by empowering their people to address the stress issue in a positive and proactive way will find this workshop invaluable. The workshop uses the StressMap® stress assessment tool as the foundation for designing coping strategies and behavior changes to address the outcomes from the assessment.

The format allows individuals to learn coping skills to manage their stress physically, behaviorally and emotionally. This workshop helps participants explore sources of stress and personal responses to them. The StressMap® pinpoints strengths and vulnerabilities, detects burnout zones and helps chart new strategies for enhancing personal health and overall performance. The workshop includes an individual personal plan of action to affect outcomes. The Stress Management one day workshop has been proven to help individuals reduce stress in their lives and better manage stressful job responsibilities.

Smart Meetings

We have all been to them – boring, unproductive, extra-long meetings. Sometimes it seems that our businesses spend more time meeting about work, than working!

Studies across North America back up what those in business already know – bad meeting are constraining our effectiveness and efficiency. A recent survey of the global firm 3M found that as much as 50% of meeting were unproductive and a ‘waste’ of time. Another study, conducted by the University of Southern California, found that the average meeting has no written agenda and completes its objective only 50% of the time.

Smart Meetings creates productive meetings that increase engagement, cut meeting times and costs, and leverage the intelligence of all participants.

The workshop will:

    - Cut time spent in meetings by at least 20%, with no loss of productivity
    - Run meetings that engage and inspire all participants
    - Achieve meeting objectives each and every time
    - Turn meeting outcomes into an action plan that gets work done
    - Make more and better decisions
    - Increase participation, consensus and buy in

Smart Meetings can be a half day or a full day that would include role playing and training.

Negotiation Skills - Level 1 & II
We all negotiate all the time……

Level I
Whether it is to be the lead engineer on a project, advocating for a smoke free workplace or the appropriate bedtime for your 8 year old…all negotiation has the same critical elements: Strategy and Skill

The workshop will explore the negotiation process and the three possible outcomes. You will receive a model for preparing for effective negotiation strategies and understand the positions of leverage that are available to you. Participants will learn the five negotiation styles and how to create and claim maximum value.

Negotiation is creative problem solving…it is a powerful tool. Using it effectively will help influence others and enhance your own personal success.

Level II
The Level II Negotiation workshop is for experienced negotiators who want to refine their skills and go to the level of “break through” negotiations for example, from being a competitive negotiator to a collaborative negotiator – one who is able to expand the opportunities for both sides.

The Art of Delegation

Professionals are expected to handle an ever growing list of responsibilities; their most valuable tool is delegation. The workshop will explore the attitude necessary to be an effective delegator.

You will learn how to strengthen relationships and develop trust with employees by using delegation. We will examine the four levels of delegation and how to move an individual from one level to another. Through the Art of Delegation, you will discover how to skillfully communicate your expectations and provide appropriate feedback; discuss the impact of ‘upward’ delegation and when it is appropriate.

The Art of Delegation will demonstrate how you can create time for planning, problem solving and motivating your team using the technique of delegation.


Did you ever wonder why some people are more successful than you? Why they always seem to get better deals, bigger promotions, or just live a better life? This is especially frustrating if you feel you are better qualified or have more skills. Often you may be tempted to explain away their success as simple luck or the result of being in the right place at the right time. But, investigate a bit further and you will discover that they possess a highly refined, well developed support network.

In this workshop find out what they do, how they do it, and how you too can learn and develop the skills of being a Master of Networking. We will discuss why networking is the most effective marketing tool today, how you can adopt the characteristics of successful networking and demonstrate how you can model them in your own daily behavior.

No one ever reached success on their own…networking is how you can enlist the support of others!

Become a Master Goal Setter

Mark Twain once said, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it!”

The same can be said about ‘success’. Everyone talks about it, but few set any definite plans and goals to bring their success to reality. Attaining the success you want in life - in every area of life- requires more than day dreaming, desire and even hard work. It requires the act of Goal Setting.

Becoming a Master Goal Setter explores the five facets necessary to become a master goal setter – and in turn, shows you how to become the master of your own destiny.

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