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Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning, done right is an indispensable tool...so what needs to happen to do it right? There must be an accurate understanding of where the organization is now; market share, systems and processes, human capital and product and services. Effective strategic planning occurs when there is an honest understanding of where an organization is today, what it is best at, and where its future opportunities lie.

ideaWorks strategic planning process follows this outline:

    - Overview of Current Strategy and Present Organizational Results
    - Analyzing the Present Business Environment
    - Forecasting the Future
    - Establishing Core Values
    - Defining your Strategic Direction - Vision, Mission
    - Defining your Competitive Advantage - What are you ‘Best’ at?
    - Setting Goals; Organizational & Departmental
    - Creating a Master Plan: 2 - 3 years

The strategic planning process analyzes the challenges and opportunities in your business environment and allows you to make conscious choices about how to deliver value to your customers and distinguish your organization from the competition.

 Meeting Facilitation

When a team holds a corporate retreat, an offsite business meeting or has a critical gathering of people, it is important to make the most of the limited and extremely valuable time of everyone.

It is equally important to have:

    - the right people present
    - a focused agenda with clear expected outcomes
    - a process that will deliver outcomes
    - follow up from a previous meeting or meetings
    - a sequence for follow up
    - a facilitator to focus the participants and lead the meeting

Having a neutral  facilitator ensures that all of these items are dealt with and allows the team members to participate equally in the meeting.

ideaWorks has vast experience in high level facilitation with senior executives, large groups – up to 300 and multi disciplined stakeholders.

Smart Rapid Innovation Process

The Smart Rapid Innovation Process (RIP) is a highly participative process involving a cross-section of people, from different levels of an organization, to tackle a key innovation challenge or to create a strategic plan. The RIP uses the OneSmartWorld® system to select who is involved, the common language and processes to guide the innovation work.