Keynote Addresses - Sampling

If you are looking for a high energy use-it-tomorrow kind of opening or closing to a conference or meeting, consider these keynote topics.

Each keynote is always customized for the client and specific audience who will be addressed. They can be supported with a half day workshop that builds on the awareness that is established in a keynote speech.

Managing Across Four Generations

Today’s winning companies create competitive advantage by building work cultures that recognize and appreciate a variety of perspectives, styles, and opinions.

When differences are sought out, valued, respected, and utilized, the organization creates a momentum that is unbeatable. Each generation brings strengths and benefits that can be a powerful foundation for growth! The generations are called:

    - The WWII Generation
    - Baby Boomers
    - Generation Xers
    - Millennials

Understanding the four distinct generations working side-by-side today is not only important - it is critical to attract and retain new employees.

Workforce Development -
Competing from the Neck Up!

Successful people drive business results, yet businesses across North America consistently underutilize the talent in their people and tap into less than 50% of the brainpower of employees.

The bulk of the Canadian economy is generated by jobs that require critical thinking and complex communications. In manufacturing, 52-68% of productivity comes from people, yet most people are only using 25% of their capacity on a day to day basis. Machines depreciate - people appreciate!

We will talk about the importance of leveraging the human intelligence of your employees to gain and sustain productivity, improvement and innovation.

Leadership -
It’s Not About What You Do, It’s About Who You Are!

Leadership - more than any other word is used as a catch all when something in an organization is not working - yet few can actually define what leadership is. Today’s brand of leadership calls for influence, inspiration, motivation and persuasion techniques. But before any of these can appear, there must first be the foundation in an individual for leadership to reveal itself. It’s not about what you do…It’s about who you are!

Your values, your ethics, your presentation - all the time! Through stories and anecdotes, you will gain a different perspective of leadership in our time!