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Supervising Across Four Generations of Employees

This highly informative, interactive workshop focuses on generational diversity. Participants are involved in a variety of activities that create more effective working relationships and improve business results by applying generational understanding to workplace challenges.

We identify the four generations:

    - The WWII Generation
    - Baby Boomers
    - Generation Xers
    - Millennials

We will explore how to managing the ‘collision of perspectives’, how to understand the distinct characteristics of each generation and learn the generational motivators.

Supervising Across the Four Generations of Employees is a one day workshop; you will develop an ability to supervise across the four generations and recognize the unique contribution that each can make to your organization. Learning how to lead and manage across four generations is not only necessary, it is critical to attract and retain new employees!

Leadership - Becoming An Effective Leader

Leadership - more than any other word is used as a catch all when something in an organization is not working - yet few can actually define what leadership is. Today’s brand of leadership calls for influence, inspiration, motivation and persuasion techniques. But before any of these can appear, there must first be the foundation in an individual for leadership to reveal itself. The workshop starts here and moves through the concept of personal leadership and then into the five levels of leadership.

Not all of us can attain the fifth level - and not all of us need to. Understanding the qualities you possess and how they can be transformed into a leadership role is the beginnings of being a leader in business, in community or in your own life.

Coach and Mentor Your Team

Coaching brings out the very best in people! It is the perfect partner for a manager, supervisor or leader who needs to tap into the potential of individuals to reach the goals and objectives of an organization. Coaching adds value to the talent pool that you have available to you and creates a climate where innovation, awareness and belief is fostered.

How do you ensure maximum productivity from individual employees? Coaching.
How do you encourage problem solving and decision making? Coaching.
How do you create a successor? Coaching.

You will learn the attitude necessary to be a good coach and mentor, the dialogue needed to address individual personality styles and an understanding of the difference between managing, supervising and coaching.

The Art of Delegation

As professional we are expected to handle an ever growing list of responsibilities, their most valuable tool is delegation.

The workshop will discuss the attitude necessary to be an effective delegator. You will learn how to strengthen relationships and develop trust with employees by using delegation. We will examine the four levels of delegation and how to move an individual from one level to another. Through the workshop, you will discover how to skillfully communicate your expectations and provide appropriate feedback. We will also discuss the impact of ‘upward’ delegation and when it is appropriate.

The Art of Delegation workshop will demonstrate how you can create time for planning, problem solving and motivating your team using the technique of delegation.

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