Workshops - Customer Service

Customer Service: A Strategic Advantage

High Performance Organizations have realized that their proactive approach to employee skill development helps them leverage customer service as a strategic advantage.

Each participant will:

    - Create a Vision of what customer service is at your organization
    - Identify each individual’s orientation towards Customer Service
    - Discover customer expectations - for both internal and external customers
    - Define the customer protocol
    - Learn basic customer service skills soft skills including basic etiquette for telephone, email and fax
    - How to deal with difficult customers
    - How to turn an unhappy customer into your best advertisement

Coaching Customer Service

The workshop is designed to help you understand the importance of coaching customer service delivery. We will discuss and practice skills that enable you to coach others to become more customer focused and to improve their delivery of customer service.

Coaching in a high-performance organization emphasizes the importance of:

    - On the job learning
    - Observing and listening to staff
    - Assisting staff in achieving timely results
    - Ensuring excellence in customer service delivery

Module Objectives:

    - Understanding Customer Service Coaching
    - Developing Customer Service Coaching Techniques
    - Coaching Customer Service
    - Enhancing Customer Service Coaching Skills

Smart Communication

For most of us, the quality of our relationships will define the quality of our lives. Those successful people who are consistently connecting and communicating with others have learned Smart Communication. This is a particular advantage for individuals who deal with external or internal customers.

Our personal and professional lives are defined by the countless interactions and communications we share with others. Sometimes we make a connection and sometimes we miss the mark. Truly successful people have mastered the ability to create good relationships with almost everyone they meet.

How do they do it? Are they just fortunate, or are they implementing techniques and strategies designed to ensure effective interactions?

Smart Communication workshop is designed to give you a set of powerful, proven and practical tools you can use anywhere, anytime with any person you encounter.

Learn how to:

    - Consistently connect and communicate at your best
    - Build better relationships
    - Reduce unnecessary conflict
    - Increase your success with people who have distinctly different operating styles to achieve win-win solutions

Smart Communication, half or full day workshop will help you master the art of connecting effectively with others.

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