StressMap® is a self-assessment stress management questionnaire that helps the user to explore sources of stress and personal responses to them. The Map pinpoints your strengths and vulnerabilities, detects burnout  zones and helps you chart new strategies for enhancing personal health and overall performance. It is ideal for classroom teaching or one-on-one instruction. The StressMap® can be used as an assessment on its own or coupled with the ideaWorks Stress Management workshop.

StressMap® gives an individual the opportunity to assess current levels of effectiveness on 21 scales that are divided into four areas:

    - Your Environment/Pressures and Satisfactions
    - Coping Responses/Assets and Liabilities
    - Inner World/Thoughts and Feelings
    - Signals of Distress

The evaluation gives an individual a snapshot of the current state of balance and harmony in their life.

StressMap® is the most widely used self-assessment stress management tool in Canada. It is easy-to-use, reusable and completely self-scoring. It is statistically reliable and valid and is available in both French and English.

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