Sales Training
“You don't close a sale; you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise."
- Patricia Fripp

Smart Selling

Are great sales people born or made?

We live in a progressively technological world and selling, like everything else, has become just as complicated. So, through necessity, many of the great salespeople of today were not born that way.

They had to learn how to relate and build rapport with people who have distinctly different operating styles than their own. And rather than proceed through each sales opportunity in a predicable, habitual pattern, they align themselves with the differing buying processes of each customer. They understand that ‘selling is not telling’; that customers believe more what they tell themselves than what others tell them. Hence, these professional salespeople, through powerful questioning and listening techniques, have learned how to elicit the customer’s vision of what could be possible with the unique capabilities of the salesperson’s products/services.

Without a compass and a clear map, the sales process can become one of guiding a rudderless ship. Smart Selling provides the sales person with the means to work smarter, as well as harder, by being able to determine the optimum path to follow with each client opportunity. It also provides the sales tools for them to use at each step of the way. This results in a buying cycle for the customer that occurs with an easy flow and it assures a solution that is not only precisely aligned with the customer needs; but also demonstrates ultimate innovation as well.

Smart Selling Results:

    - Increase revenues and client satisfaction
    - Increase your success with people who have distinctly different operating styles
    - Elevate your level of contact and your comfort level with them
    - Learn how to use powerful questions, and listening, that elicit your solution from the client
    - Provide a systematic method to analyze and plan opportunities
    - Present compelling value propositions
    - Improve ability to gain commitment through client involvement

Smart Selling is for "Direct" and "Business to Business" salespeople, sales managers and sales trainers. Participants will learn how to:

    - Detect & connect with needs of differing styles
    - Enroll prospects in the possibilities of your products/services
    - Elevate your level of contact within accounts
    - Build rapport and trust
    - Powerfully ask and listen, rather than tell, in order to sell your product’s capabilities
    - Set distinct strategies for each opportunity based on a focused analysis

Smart Selling is a customized, ideaWorks, three day program that will help you develop a cohesive efficient customer focused team.  

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