The ‘Power of Smart’ series is a results-driven collection of training solutions, all powered by the universal productivity language of the Smart for Life® platform. OneSmartWorld® training solutions are focused on driving organizational results, productivity and innovation by tapping into the unrealized potential of your people.

 Smart for Life®

Smart for Life® productivity platform for creating a common language and uncommon results! Smart for Life® delivers the essential skills you need to succeed everyday. It is a powerful next generation solution for people, teams and enterprises that want to maximize all their talent.

    - Put people’s strengths to work
    - Cut meeting time by 20% and take the pain out of collaboration and team work
    - Solve problems faster
    - Build strong relationships and capitalize on the diversity of talent in your organization
    - Reduce the cost of workplace stress

The program equips you with new knowledge and techniques in four key dimensions of high performance – creativity, understanding, decision-making and personal spirit. You will learn 21 core strategies that are the key to success in the world we live in.

Smart for Life® is a simple practical system to train your mind heart and spirit to improve the quality of your thinking, your relationships, your problem solving and decision-making. Smart for Life® is a one day program with follow up options.

The Power of Smart Meetings

We have all been to them – boring, unproductive, extra-long meetings. Sometimes it seems that our businesses spend more time meeting about work, than working!

Studies across North America back up what those in business already know – bad meetings are constraining our effectiveness and efficiency.

A recent survey of the global firm 3M found that as much as 50% of meetings were unproductive and a “waste” of time. Another study, conducted by the University of Southern California, found that the average meeting has no written agenda and completes its objective only 50% of the time.

Smart Meetings creates productive meetings that increase engagement, cut meeting times and costs, and leverage the intelligence of all participants.

Smart Meetings Results:

    - Cut time spent in meetings by at least 20%, with no loss of productivity
    - Run meetings that engage and inspire all participants
    - Achieve meeting objectives each and every time
    - Turn meeting outcomes into an action plan that gets work done
    - Make more and better decisions
    - Increase participation, consensus and buy in

This workshop can be a half day or a full day that would include role playing and practice. Cut meeting time by 20% - Guaranteed!

The Power of Smart Problem Solving

Life is faster and the problems we face are more complex than ever – and so too are the solutions.

Smart Problem Solving is designed to give you a set of powerful, proven and practical tools you can use anywhere, anytime to find the best solutions. These problem-solving processes will guide you to better solutions and improve the overall quality of your problem solving and decision-making.

Designed to guide you through the confusion and uncertainties of your professional and personal life, Smart Problem Solving is a system and a skill set, with a practical, systematic set of universal problem solving tools.

Learn how to:

    - Find better solutions to any scenario
    - Solve the right problem every time
    - Find more solutions to choose from when faced with problems
    - Harness effective team collaboration when faced with difficult scenarios
    - Enhance innovation, speed up time to market

Like a trusted toolbox, Smart Problem Solving is a one day workshop that will help you find solutions and solve problems more effectively.

The Power of Smart Communication

For most of us, the quality of our relationships will define the quality of our lives.

Our personal and professional lives are defined by the countless interactions and communications we share with others. Sometimes we make a connection and sometimes we miss the mark. Truly successful people have mastered the ability to create good relationships with almost everyone they meet.

How do they do it? Are they just fortunate, or are they implementing techniques and strategies designed to ensure effective interactions?

Those successful people who are consistently connecting and communicating with others have learned Smart Communication. This is a particular advantage for individuals who deal with external or internal customers.

Learn how to:

    - Consistently connect and communicate at your best
    - Build better relationships
    - Reduce unnecessary conflict
    - Increase your success with people who have distinctly different operating styles to achieve win-win solutions

Smart Communication, half or full day workshop is designed to give you a set of powerful, proven and practical tools you can use anywhere, anytime with any person you encounter. Smart Communication will help you master the art of connecting effectively with others.

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