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"The cost to an organization of failing to fully engage the passion, talent and intelligence of the workforce is far greater than all taxes, interest charges and labor costs put together."
- Steven Covey

OneSmartWorld® solutions are built to dramatically increase productivity by leveraging unrealized talent. To achieve real competitive advantage, organizations must capture the minds, hearts and spirits of its members at every level. Building Core Competencies and Smart Teambuilding apply the Smart for Life® productivity platform to create measurable results.

Building Core Competencies

Building Core Competencies empowers managers and leaders across your organization. It increases their core capabilities to deal effectively with change, to deal with different types of people and to achieve personal success in all facets of business and personal life. The modules of the program are:

1. Smart Thinking Skills -core skills and powerful techniques for developing greater creativity, deeper understanding and better decision-making for everyday success
2. Power Up Your Personal Spirit - increase the strength of personal power on achieving success at work, in relationships and in all aspects of one’s life
3. Smart Problem Solving Skills - build skills for improving personal effectiveness in problem solving in all settings
4. Smart Inter-Personal Communications - work better and work smarter one on one. Learn how to have better conversations, manage conflict effectively and how to make presentations that work with different types of people
5. Smart Coaching - how to coach others who operate differently from effectively using a strengths based approach and the 4D-i® assessment tool
6. Building Collaborative Teams That Work - maximize team performance, plan and run smart meetings

Building Core Competencies is a six session program which can be installed as a corporate wide leadership or management development program, for use with intact teams or used as a course to build capabilities.

Smart Teambuilding

New leaders want to know the strength of their team members and to harness the team brain power to get on with business. New teams need to find positive ways to accelerate moving from the forming stage to the performing stage quickly. Intact teams need a boost to take them from good to great. All teams want to find ways to learn how to reduce conflict, increase collaboration, build team spirit and tap into the full range of team member talent and work smarter together.

The Smart Teambuilding program consists of two one day sessions that provides teams with a fast step breakthrough application to make any team perform better right away!

Smart Rapid Innovation Process

The Smart Rapid Innovation Process (RIP) is a highly participative process involving a cross-section of people, from different levels of an organization, to tackle a key innovation challenge or to create a strategic plan. The RIP uses the OneSmartWorld® system to select who is involved, the common language and processes to guide the innovation work. The Smart Rapid Innovation Process can be demonstrated in a half day, one day or two day session depending on the challenges or plans to be determined.

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